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Prof. Tariq Mansoor is presently serving as the Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Previously he has also served as Principal, J.N. Medical College, Chief Medical Superintendent, J.N. Medical College Hospital and Chairman, Department of Surgery. He is also the member of Medical Council of India since March 2015 for a period of four years. He is product of the first batch of prestigious Our Lady of Fatima Higher Secondary School, Aligarh. During his school days he has served as House Captain as well as School Captain. He did his MBBS and MS in General Surgery from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU, Aligarh. A surgeon by profession with special interest in Breast and Thyroid Diseases, Prof. Tariq Mansoor has 33 years of Teaching and 35 years of Clinical experience. He has 90 publications to his credit and has guided 49 Postgraduate Medical Students for their Thesis as Supervisor / Co-Supervisor

AMU VC's daughters reaction on the Nirbhaya issue

Kolkata : AMU VC's daughters reaction on the Nirbhaya issue

Saira shah halim said It's time the juvenile justice act is amended..after the supreme Court  dismissed the Delhi Commission of Women's a social activist iam caught in a quandary..while I do wish we need to pass a bill and re visit the juvenile justice act..we cannot ignore the fact that a lot of adults coerce minors to commit crimes on their behalf knowing that the law won't be harsh on juveniles..on the other hand I feel our courts should mete out exemplary punishments to set an example for rarest of rare crimes which could prove as a deterrent for future offenders.. but history has been witness to how these laws are misused and human rights violated in the name of retributive justice.. while we do accept that a  minors  mental faculties are not the same as an it justifiable to judge an adult and a minor on the same plank??it tears my heart asunder to see that 'Nirbhaya's rapist would walk out scot free..however the legal system in India is a complex needs revisiting..and a lot of deliberation..was on NewsX in the eve giving  bytes on this tearing  issue..


  1. Thanks to Mrs Saira shah Halim for raising the issue of crimes by juvenile.
    One hundred juveniles booked for murder,63 held for rape.Dwaipayan Ghosh TNN 2013/06/14 TOI
    There is no difference in brutality between adults and juveniles. Juveniles can be as brutal as adults .It was seen recently when a Class XII student was murdered by his four minor friends in Greater Noida,with police finding his body 27 km from Aligarh.
    The statistics are irrelevant because a large number of crimes go unreported. If all cases are reported ,any one will wonder at the magnitude of such crimes.
    The Indian social fabric has been totally shattered with extinction of our basic values.Too much has basically gone wrong with us Indians,both males and females.
    Are we ready to accept these crimes as our way of life,as regular pleasure or vengeant hate sports ?
    There is a Grave crisis:158% rise in rapes by juveniles. New Delhi:The Times of India Jul 15 2014
    Cops Say Hardened Delinquents Mock Law
    Supreme Court frowns on leniency.The Times of India Apr 07 2015
    SC: Get tough on juveniles in heinous crimes
    A bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Prafulla C Pant said, “It is apt to note here that there can be a situation where commission of an offence may be totally innocuous or emerging from a circumstance where a young boy is not aware of the consequences but in cases of rape, dacoity , murder, which are heinous crimes, it is extremely difficult to conceive that the juvenile was not aware of the consequences.“
    We must hang our heads in shame,but we don’t.
    The callousness on the part of both,citizens and the police.0n 16th Dec 2013.The two,injured and profusely bleeding girl Nirbhaya and her friend lay naked on the road for more than two hours with people stopping to look at them and then moving on.
    The girl was grievously injured and bleeding profusely.Cars,autos and bikes slowed down and sped away. The boy kept waving for help.The ones who stopped stared at them but didn’t even cover the girl with a shawl or a jacket.The temperature was +4 Celcius.
    Three PCR vans arrived,in an exhibition of mindless,totally insensitive bureaucratic behaviour, the cops spent the next half-hour arguing over whose jurisdiction the crime falls.The boy alleged that the police did not pick them up.He said,one of them tore a sheet and offered to cover the girl.The boy in his injured state, picked the girl up and put her in the PCR van,the boy alleged.
    Repeatedly rape by so many will not kill any girl.An iron rod inserted into her rupturing intestines was also surgically manageable,if she was covered with warm clothes & rapidly rescued to nearest Center.
    What killed her was her profuse bleeding & exposure to +4 celcius temperature on a street of capital for 2 hours.
    A LETHAL TRIAD, Trauma triad of death (Hypothermia,coagulopathy and acidosis) sets in the victims of injury.Hypothermia due to exposure to low temperature.It becomes irreversible in prolonged exposure. Coagulopathy due to profuse bleeding.A metabolic acidosis because the body cells burn glucose for energy,resulting in release of lactic acid,ketone bodies,and other acidic compounds into the body causing metabolic acidosis.This acidity damages the body tissues,reduce heart performance, resulting in low oxygen.
    This “Trauma triad of death” killed Nirbhaya.
    The entire wretched & damned people on the scene must be tried as a cause of death of Nirbhaya.
    As an Abdominal Trauma Surgeon,I am ashamed of my fellow Country men and women who passed bye,allowing the injured girl to PASSAGE OF DEATH.
    Dr Mohsin Raza
    Senior Consultant General Surgeon
    Moderator -"Worldofaligs"
    Moderator -"Abdomen & Chest Trauma" ,
    & Facilitator - "Breast Cancer awareness among Indian women"
    cell 0091 8126039175

  2. GIVE SUPARI TO JUVENILES,get your enemy assasinated.
    The juveniles are laughing and mocking at our laws
    15 yeaars boy taking Supari to kill along with 3 minors in a court at capital
    The reason & logic for keeping low punishment for children is that aat juvenile age they are not able to distinguish.They are noy fully awaare of what they are doing.
    It is a stupid and hypcritic belief.
    If you have an enemy who you want terminate...give SUPARI to a 14 year boy to kill your enemy..The boy will go jail for 3 years...he will get coaching fot IIT/MEDICAL/ENGG OR ELSE in the jail.At 17 he is released and stands a chance to be admitted to Technology/Engg College or Medical Institute...What a fate.What a mockery of our Law