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Prof. Tariq Mansoor is presently serving as the Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Previously he has also served as Principal, J.N. Medical College, Chief Medical Superintendent, J.N. Medical College Hospital and Chairman, Department of Surgery. He is also the member of Medical Council of India since March 2015 for a period of four years. He is product of the first batch of prestigious Our Lady of Fatima Higher Secondary School, Aligarh. During his school days he has served as House Captain as well as School Captain. He did his MBBS and MS in General Surgery from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU, Aligarh. A surgeon by profession with special interest in Breast and Thyroid Diseases, Prof. Tariq Mansoor has 33 years of Teaching and 35 years of Clinical experience. He has 90 publications to his credit and has guided 49 Postgraduate Medical Students for their Thesis as Supervisor / Co-Supervisor

AMU faculty members publish books, VC releases

AMU faculty members publish books, VC releases

ALIGARH September 8: The Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah today released fifteen books of the faculty members of the University. These books have been published by the Publications Division, Sir Syed Academy, AMU.

For the first time in the history of the University, a Punjabi translation has been brought out on Sir Syed. Dr. Kanti Pal, Associate Professor, Department of Modern Indian Languages has translated Prof. Shan Mohammad’s book in Punjabi language.

Other books which were released by the Vice Chancellor include Literary-Cultural Dynamics of Khusrau's Thought and Art Vol. 1 and 2, edited by Prof. Azarmi Dukht Safavi, Director, Institute of Persian Research, The Arab Spring & Prospects of Peace in West Asia edited by Prof. Mohammad Gulrez, Chairman, Department of West Asian Studies and North African Studies, Quraniyat Wa Adabiyat by Prof. Abu Sufiyan Islahi, Department of Arabic, Deewan-E-Naziri Nishaburi edited by Prof. Asif Naeem Siddiqui, Department of Persian, Guidance of the Sublime Qur'an, Issues and Challenges, and Quran Sur Chashma-e-Fikar-o-Fun by Prof. Towqueer Alam Falahi, Department of Theology, Indian Diaspora in West Asia by Dr. Muhammao Azhar, Department of West Asian Studies, Afkar-o-Rumuz: Rumi Ki Baaz Hekayat Aur Iqbal Ki Rumooze Be Khudi Ka Urdu Tarjuma, Prof. Husain Mehdi Rizvi, Institute of Persian Research, Sir Syed: Itihas Aur Rajniti Pe Sandarbh Vich (Panjabi Translation of Prof. Shan Mohammad's) by Dr. Kranti Pal, Associate Professor, Department of Modern Indian Languages, Essay on Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Shaikh Muhammad Abdullah by Dr. Gulfishan Khan, CAS, Department of History, Urdu Ghazal, Fun, Ekhtasas Aur Irteqai Tasalsul by Dr. Rashid Anwar Rashid, Department of Urdu, National Cooperative Development Corporation and Cooperative Development in Rural India by Dr. Lamaan Sami, Department of Commerce, AMU, Poverty and Health in Colonial India 1808 -1914,by Dr. Farhat Parveen, ABK Union School, AMU and Ghalib Ke Klam Mein Sciencei Kahkashan, By Dr. Mohd. Azad Husain, Institute of Persian Research.

The Vice Chancellor also gave away prizes to the winners of painting competition held by the Sir Syed Academy.

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