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अलीगढ़ ::एएमयू कुलपति जमीरउद्दीन शाह का सेवा काल सेना के इतिहास में स्वच्छ, अनुशासनप्रिय एवं वीरता की गाथाओं से परिपूर्ण है।

Wow,i'm proud to be..

Acting to live in such advance society..
Where one glimpses of mine..
Could be enough to tell who am I..
Like my tizen each one has own in-builts..
My beard had tell us..
Oh! I ! a fundamentalist..
Oh mine attitude ;
Says am i some research scholar..
My disorderly n grown hair-beard..
Sing am i drugs-addict..
Though i can't lit the cig...


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