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Research scholars open letter to AMU VC


Vice Chancellor
Aligarh Muslim University

Subject: Reply of notice dated 19th may 2016 regarding research scholars to stay for full research period.

Respected Sir,
We research scholars of the university brings your kind attention regarding reply of Email by Vice-chancellor through DSW dated 19.05.2016. Vice-chancellor sir gives very irrelevant reasons in his reply through DSW for vacating the hostels.
Now the situation in university is under control and there is healthy environment for study. So why there is need to vacate hostels with bag and baggage. Students in AMU are from all over the country so it is very difficult to carry bag and baggage to their home and come back after summer vacations. University administration should provide facility of putting baggage in the hall premises as done in past.
This is for your kind notice that research Scholars avail there scholarships up to three years only. Scholarship amount (Rs 8000/- Per month) is not so sufficient to do research work. Chemicals, Glass ware, Biological samples, sampling and characterization of samples are so costly that we have to spend our own money also. Other students of university like interns of Medicine, Unani medicine faculty and students also withdrawing bigger amount of fellowship  than research scholars then why they are getting rooms in the hostel they should also vacate the rooms. This is totally unfair with research scholars. Research is most important part in contributing the university ranking and it should not be affected in anyhow.
Doctorate degree program is not a semester system that it will be completed in 3 years. UGC has prescribed a period of 5 years to complete doctoral degree and it is followed by all institutions of India why not in AMU. First year of PhD degree is course work program after that 2 years remains left to do research work. How is it possible to complete research work within 3 years?
Top institutions of India like Indian Institute of Technologies, IISER, Indain Institute of Sciences etc and Universities like Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University etc provides Rs 25000/- per month of scholarship for five years to research scholars and they also allow research scholars to stay in hostels during whole research period. We are not demanding extra scholarship our only demand is to stay in hostels up to five years or Ph.D viva which is earlier.
Sir we are not going to do agitation to defame our university reputation we are simply requesting you please consider our application. Otherwise our research is adversely affected which may spoil our future.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely
Research scholars
Aligarh Muslim University

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