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JNMC organises free pacemaker camp

Aligarh, May 5: The Centre of Cardiology, JN Medical College (JNMC), AMU recently organised a free peacemaker camp, which was attended by a large numbers of patients. The camp was inaugurated by Professor Tariq Mansoor, Principal and CMS, JNMC and Prof Jamal Ahmad, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, JNMC.

During the camp, volunteer doctors checked patients with various types of pacemakers and also programmed and checked ICDs.

Prof M U Rabbani, Director, Centre of Cardiology explained the indications and working of pacemakers and ICD which is technologically more advance version of pacemakers.

“ICD restores heart rhythm by giving electrical shock internally in life threatening heart rhythm disturbances,” said Dr Rabbani adding that pacemakers usually have battery life of 10 – 12 Years and a regular pacemaker check and  programming not only enhances pacemakers life but may also detect a need for pacemaker replacement at least one year in advance.

He informed that 285 pacemakers have been implanted in the Centre of Cardiology.

Prof Rabbani thanked Prof M H Beg, Dr Azam Haseen and S Ehtesham H Naqvi from the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery for their help in implanting pacemakers.

The camp was conducted by Prof Asif Hasan, Dr Rafi Anwar and resident doctors Dr Sandeep Kumar, Dr Adil and Mr Ashish from device makers St Judes and Mr Surya Mani Tripathi from Medtronics.

On the occasion Prof S Abrar Hasan, Prof Harris Manzoor Khan, Prof M R Ajmal, Prof Tamkin Rabbani, Prof Khursheed Alam, Prof Shadab A. Khan, Prof Mohd. Aslam,  Prof M. Shoaib Zaheer, Prof Najam Khalique, Prof S Manazir Ali, Prof Ibne Ahmad ,Prof Abdul Quadir, Prof Mazhar Abbas, Prof Mohd Khalid, Dr Anjum Pervez, Dr Anjum Chughtai and Dr Shaad Abquari were present.

(Zeeshan Ahmad)

Asst. PRO

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