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AMU faculty member publishes book on Advance Algebra

ALIGARH May 5: A research work titled “Advances in Algebra and Applications”, edited by Professor Asma Ali, Department of Mathematics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Professor Syed Tariq Rizvi, Department of Mathematics, the Ohio State University, USA and Professor Vincenzo De Filippis, Department of Mathematics, Messina University, Messina, Italy is being published by Springer Verlag, which is a renowned press.
This refereed research volume consists of invited lectures and peer reviewed research papers on the latest developments in various branches of algebra and is based on the proceedings of an International conference, held recently at AMU under UGC-DRS (SAP-II) programme. Professor Mursaleen, Chairman, Department of Mathematics was coordinator of this conference.
Prof. Asma Ali said that Algebra continues to experience tremendous growth and diversification and these articles have successfully highlighted the cross fertilization of ideas between various branches of algebra and exhibited the latest methods and techniques needed in solving a number of existing research problems while provide new open questions for further research investigations. She said that the book covers a broad range of topics and variety of methodologies and highlights the work being done on various aspects of Algebra. She hoped this research volume will be a valuable resource for young and senior researchers in Algebra.

(Dr. Rahat Abrar)

Consultant, Public Relations

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