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अलीगढ़ ::एएमयू कुलपति जमीरउद्दीन शाह का सेवा काल सेना के इतिहास में स्वच्छ, अनुशासनप्रिय एवं वीरता की गाथाओं से परिपूर्ण है।


Having drowned into oceanic depths about our pompous
and ignorant behaviour
I am obliged to pen down this article.
You might have seen politicians visiting an area. Even the
most incompetent
is received with great honor. People treat them like Kings.
First thing,
Why? Secondly is our reverent real? I feel NO. But we do it
mostly for our
personal concerns. Well what our homage to our real
heroes, "The Soldiers"?
These heroes deserve much more respect than any other
profession where they
stake everything for pride and honor of our Nation. They
leave all comforts
of a common man and choose a difficult life for sake of
our country that We
safely live in. And do we treat them the way they deserve.
Yes we respect them but why do We wait for their
martyrdom to update our fb
statutes quoting “Nation salutes you”, “We salute you”,
“Mother India
salutes you”, etc. Just try and understand the pain of a
Soldier hidden
amidst these lines:
‘They ignore me when I am alive ;
But they salute me when I die;
I wonder, what’s the truth?
And what is a lie?
I am confused’
What I feel is that, the least We can do is to greet “Jai
Hind” to armymen
whenever we find or meet them anywhere, maybe in our
locality or just
passing by accompanied with a salute. And if possible let
us shake hand
with them, have a selfie with them.
Most will reply instantly with a smile and a happy gesture,
even saluting
back. Maybe some will ask us why we did that so
respectfully say-"Sir
because we respect you. You are our Honor, pride and
real Heroes of our
Nation. Thank you for everything you do for our Nation".
Hearing this will
fill their chests with pride, faces with a profound smile and
give them a
new unrelinquishable inspiration. They will also know we
truly respect
them(I feel we all really do but are shy or sometimes even
careless to
Starting with the soldiers, we can also include policemen
at some later
stage and then common civilians. Even Instead of just
saying salaam or
Namaste, we can also greet each other with Jai hind, but at some later
stage. This will incorporate in us a feeling of oneness,
equality and
everlasting unity.
I have taken this initiative to greet and salute soldiers I
meet as a
tribute to all martyrs and our brothers who are on borders
having sleepless
nights so that we can sleep peacefully and fearless.
"Jai Hind"
Rehan Ali Khan
(A student of Aligarh Muslim University)
For any queries #7830781033

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