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अलीगढ़ ::एएमयू कुलपति जमीरउद्दीन शाह का सेवा काल सेना के इतिहास में स्वच्छ, अनुशासनप्रिय एवं वीरता की गाथाओं से परिपूर्ण है।

Jasim called Press Conference

Aligarh 17.2.2016 : Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is not only a world renowned educational institution but in fact the history of our independence struggle will remain incomplete without it. AMU was basically established by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and his associates for the educational empowerment of the Indian Muslims but its minority character has became controversial due to various judicial pronouncements.
Dr. Jasim Mohammad said AMU came into existence by Parliamentary Legislation after upgrading MAO College which was established by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. For the first time AMU Act 1920 was amended in 1951. The minority character of the AMU became controversial because when its Court and other governing bodies were suspended, the Muslims became restless and Aziz Basha filed a petition in the Supreme Court which declared in its judgment that the AMU was not established by Muslims of India. It should be recalled that the AMU was not a party in Aziz Basha Case but the shadow of Supreme Court judgment also felled open the Allahabad High Court judgment in 2006 and Justice Arun Tandon not only held that AMU was not established by Muslims of India but also questioned the power of parliament to amend AMU Act in 1981 and incorporating in it section 5 (2) (c). The Aligarh Muslim University and the Union HRD ministry filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the Allahabad high court judgment which is still pending.
Presently not only students, teachers and old boys are very much concerned on the minority character of AMU but Indian Muslims are very perturbed on AMU is an emotional issue to them.
Unfortunately authentic information on AMU Act and its history is not available and few people know about its judicial controversy. Dr. Jasim Mohammad authored a book entitled, “The AMU” Volume-I on the subject which has been published by Alisha Publications (P) Ltd. Aligarh. Eminent Jurist Shri Ram Jethmalani has written the foreword of the book.
Former member of Executive Council Dr. Mohd Shahid told that the book “The AMU” Volume-I authored by Dr. Jasim Mohammad will be released on Saturday,20 February, 2016 at Conference Hall of the India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi at 11:00 am wherein eminent jurist Shri Ram Jethmalani will present Key note Address while Mr. Sirajuddin Qurashi President, India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi will preside over release ceremony. N. Jamal Ansari was present in the Press Conference.
It is hoped that the book entitled “The AMU” will succeed in throwing light on the history of AMU Act and its controversy.

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