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अलीगढ़ ::एएमयू कुलपति जमीरउद्दीन शाह का सेवा काल सेना के इतिहास में स्वच्छ, अनुशासनप्रिय एवं वीरता की गाथाओं से परिपूर्ण है।


Aligarh Muslim University has shortlisted six names, including Narendra Modi, to be invited as chief guest for its annual convocation to be held in February.
It is a matter of sentiments,ego,understanding or exhibition of large hearted tolerance.
Sir Syed had invited Lord Lytton to lay foundation stone of Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College at Aligarh on 2nd Jan 1879.
Lord Lytton was presiding over the atrocities upon the Indians in general &Muslims in particular.
From Delhi to Mughal Sarai,the Sher Shah Suri Road(GT Road) had bodies slung upside down upon branches of all trees.37000 Ulema were executed.
Upon suspicion of one freedom fighter ,the entire villagers were put as cannon fodder.
Still Syed Ahmad ,the founder of AMU invited the Highest British Officer in India to lay foundation stone at Aligarh.
By inviting Modi,we don’t loose anything,we don’t sell our prestige & dignity.
Aligarh Muslim University will not be sold to BJP.
Muslim community will not be auctioned .
Yes,our sentiments will be hurt.
But our large hearted tolerance will prevail on our emotional setback and our ego.
This action may act as DAMAGE CONTROL
1.shows Lord Lytton lowering box to lay foundation stone of MAO College
2.Bodies hanging on trees
3.Alim being executed by a dr
4.Sir Syed who taught us the ways &  objectives of living decently & respectfully with head raised in the society.

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