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Afshan meets World Renowned Scholars

Honored to meet  World Renowned Scholars: Dr. Seyyed  Hossein Nasr and Dr. Maria Massi Dakake
Dear Readers,
Being a best-selling author  of  a book, I get lot of opportunities to meet intellectuals and scholars around the  globe.
Recently, I had the honor to meet  world renowned Islamic Studies Scholar, Dr. Seyyed  Hossein Nasr. Dr. Nasr, currently teaches Islamic Studies at George Washington University. He has worked with a group of prominent scholars on the project of producing a new translation of "The Holy Quran", with commentary. Please visit this website to know more about " The Study Quran"
He was in conversation with Dr.Maria Massi Dakake, General Editor of the book " The Study Quran" and Associate Professor of Religious Studies at George Mason University. I was very enlightened  with this talk I attended on  the book "Study Quran".
Dr. Nasr even  mentioned Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founder of the Aligarh Muslim University  also in his talk. I went and introduced myself to both of them. Also told them I am originally from Aligarh city in UP, India and have studied at Aligarh Muslim University.
With all the best regards ,
Dr.Afshan Hashmi

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