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Prof. Tariq Mansoor is presently serving as the Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Previously he has also served as Principal, J.N. Medical College, Chief Medical Superintendent, J.N. Medical College Hospital and Chairman, Department of Surgery. He is also the member of Medical Council of India since March 2015 for a period of four years. He is product of the first batch of prestigious Our Lady of Fatima Higher Secondary School, Aligarh. During his school days he has served as House Captain as well as School Captain. He did his MBBS and MS in General Surgery from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU, Aligarh. A surgeon by profession with special interest in Breast and Thyroid Diseases, Prof. Tariq Mansoor has 33 years of Teaching and 35 years of Clinical experience. He has 90 publications to his credit and has guided 49 Postgraduate Medical Students for their Thesis as Supervisor / Co-Supervisor

AMU Hockey issue :Asif Khurshed is defended by Yasir Arafat Turk, on the comments of Dr. Mohsin Raza''

Reply by :Yasir Arafat Turk 

I heard Dr. Mohsin Raza in Mumbai when he was in a program of AMU Alumni Association of Maharashtra and I was one of the organising Committee members. His speech was quite impressive so that Former Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Mr. Mehmoodur Rehman, himself came towards him, Dr. Raza. I was impressed with his presentation and VC's reaction. This is how an educated man was impressed with each other. We are always comfortable to talk with the class we belong to, Like, Elite to Elite, Journalist To Journalist, Writer to Writer, IAS to IAS, Labour to Labour. We can hardly be in continuous touch with the one who does not belong to our class/Caste/Creed, for instance, AN IAS hardly develop a close relation with the who lives in Slum. What actually matters is our culture, way of doing things, language, etc. It makes a human different from each other. This is how diversification in society is. India is great example. Super 30 Coaching is an example where poor students have proved that a rich boy solve a question from one perspective only but a poor boy can solve same question with five ways. Reason is simple, he (Poor Boy) has seen an actual world and his perspective is called a Marginalised perspective.

 Dr. Raza Has Given an example of Syed Sb. to a very marginalised boy who never even had a single rupee in his pocket. He is helped by his friends and relatives to Survive or frankly speaking on Zakaat. It is just like giving an example of son of IAS to a slum boy. Marginalised perspective is never witnessed in Aligarh. An old man can give better example of Old days. But Mandal Commission is of a story of New Born Boy who tried to prove himself a man in his early age but some mature men do not want to discuss about him in the corridors of intellectualism. He has no place due to his immatureness. Assumed as he will commit many mistakes. I hope point is clear. Time has come to raise a voice for implementation of OBCs reservation in Aligarh Muslim University.

So called Upper class are provoking Dalit Muslim to raise their voice, not to be confused, term is better discussed in Parliament many times. Dr. Raza's reply was indeed great if he wises Aasif to reach on that pinnacle but giving a poor boy example of Prince is not a better idea. If I were Dr. Raza, I would have given the example of Dr. Ambedkar than Syed Sb. Coming straight to point, Aasif said I am victimised on the basis of caste at Hockey Ground. he must be understood by his perspective. I advise Dr. Raza to meet Aasif Khursheed, Former Hockey Captain and listen him from his perspective. This world exists on ideology and perspectives. Aasif says he is discriminated on caste, there are many cases in AMU, but no one raise their voice against wrongdoings of Upper Castes Muslims. Aasif has shown his courage by raising question in media. If Dr. Raza is concerned to take sides of Shoeb Zaheer, His friend and colleague, he must give reasons why Aasif is not selected in team. He was the senior most player of his club and Ex Captain too. He was not appointed as Captain in 2013, and another Upper Caste boy was appointed. Why? He, then, wrote a letter to VC and had no reaction. Next Year, he wrote a letter again. Then, VC appointed him Captain on his mercy appeal. He is never treated as Captain in Hockey Club. He was a Captain On papers only. He never felt as Captain there as he claims and this is a marginalised perspective which is never understood in Aligrah, a so called abode of Nawabs and their sons. Now, As the Mandal Commission took a long fight and changed the whole Scenario of Indian Politics, must also knock the doors of Aligarh. I hope point is made clear. They may raise many questions like Why OBCs Reservation? Marginalised Perspectives? OBC Reservation in Hostel Allotment? OBC, SC, ST reservation in admissions and jobs? There are many question left in discourse to be created. I advise leaving all things apart, Dr. Raza must meet Aasif and solve his matter instead on laughing at his tears. Matter must be solved on the bed of old man than new born media. 

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