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Prof. Tariq Mansoor is presently serving as the Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Previously he has also served as Principal, J.N. Medical College, Chief Medical Superintendent, J.N. Medical College Hospital and Chairman, Department of Surgery. He is also the member of Medical Council of India since March 2015 for a period of four years. He is product of the first batch of prestigious Our Lady of Fatima Higher Secondary School, Aligarh. During his school days he has served as House Captain as well as School Captain. He did his MBBS and MS in General Surgery from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU, Aligarh. A surgeon by profession with special interest in Breast and Thyroid Diseases, Prof. Tariq Mansoor has 33 years of Teaching and 35 years of Clinical experience. He has 90 publications to his credit and has guided 49 Postgraduate Medical Students for their Thesis as Supervisor / Co-Supervisor

Now Afaq calls a Dharna in front of Vice-Chancellor's Lodge on December 22, 2014

Peaceful, Democratic & Non-violent DHARNA in front of Vice-Chancellor's Lodge on December 22, 2014 at 11 AM against the sheer violation of Rules/Regulations enshrined in AMU Act, 1981 & Playing with the career of a Research Scholar by the tyrant AMU Administration...

The Vice-Chancellor
Aligarh Muslim University
Aligarh-202 002 Dated: 19/12/2014

Subject: Memorandum/Petition to re-evaluate Ph.D. Course Work Answer-Sheet, Paper 1st from an Internal Examiner within a stipulated time-frame

Esteemed Monsieur,

This is in continuation with the letters sent to you vide D.No. 8622/VC dated 13.12.2014 & 8669/VC dated 15.12.2014 & 5701/VC dated 16.12.2014 wherein I sought your kind interference to speed-up the process of re-evaluation and re-evaluate my answer-sheet of Ph.D. Course Work paper 1st from an Internal Examiner; but unfortunately my pleadings go unnoticed and I did not find an opportunity to be heard and put my position in person.
It is requested to kindly assure to complete re-evaluation process of the said paper within a stipulated time-frame as it has gone more than two months and the same is yet to be finalized.
It has not been etched anywhere in AMU Act, 1981 whether answer-sheet for re-evaluation may be sent to re-check or re-evaluate by an external examiner. Moreover, AMU’s Directive Statues and Ordinances are also silent in respect to re-evaluate the paper by an external examiner. Even, answer sheets for re-evaluation has never been dispatched to an external examiner for scrutiny in the history of Aligarh Muslim University; therefore, I must be provided the opportunity to think and act in accordance with the blue-print I thought for my future endeavor. And without having any substantial evidence or documentary proof within the ambit of University’s Act and Ordinances the administration is supposed to spoil my entire future perspectives at a time when each and every Indian citizen has the right to education at grass root level!
And, AMU’s Act/Ordinances are not supposed to be kept at bay as it has legal remedies and fully equipped with lawful boundaries. AMU Students’ Union is likely to interfere in the matter so as to the mental trauma which I have been suffering these days due to sheer discrimination and prejudice by the hands of the dictatorial administration may be resolved-dissolved at the earliest and the prevailing standoff be ended immediately so that I may not feel betrayed and my entire future endeavour may be safeguarded accordingly.
The administration seems to impose gag order against a dedicated and sincere Ph.D. Researcher in order to hatch a well-planned nefarious and sinister plot with the intention to kill his creative dexterity and depict his entire way of working for the far-reaching consequences of his beloved alma mater as nullified. Freedom of speech and expression have been brutally denied in the matter and it is the homicide of freedom of speech and expression enshrined in Article 19(1)(a) of Indian Constitution. And, “…issuing gag orders without realizing that the students of any University must be allowed to live a free democratic manner in which they must be allowed freedom of expression and human development as a fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India (Judgment and Order dated 24.02.2014 in Special Appeal No. 1029 of 2013 in the Court of Judicature at Allahabad)”
It is really pathetic to note that impertinent, reluctant and recalcitrant reply/response by the administration in the matter has shown non-compliance of the principle of natural justice and dereliction of duty. And without providing just, reasonable and fair opportunity to be heard and explain my position before you in person it has been axiomatically established that AMU Administration is executing its heavy duties except hearing/recognizing students’ grievances at its first priority.
Have I committed any crime to asking and introspecting the most suited possibility of re-evaluating the answer-sheet of a Ph.D. researcher from an internal examiner who has been suffering pangs of sorrows and suffocations due to sheer negligence and discrimination by the hands of the administration since October 2014 till date?
Have I violated any Rules/Regulations enshrined in AMU Students’ Conduct & Discipline Rules, 1985 when the Honourable High Court of Judicature at Allahabad has already clarified at a place in its Judgment and Order dated 24.02.2014 in Special Appeal No. 1029 of 2013 that “…In order to dispel any doubts we declare that the orders of the Vice-Chancellor and Executive Council dated 13.7.2010 and 27.11.2010 respectively will not be treated to have any adverse effect on petitioner’s career and in pursuing any profession and vocation, including his participation and elections in any democratic institution.”
In view of the above facts and circumstances, it is quite obvious and transparent that the defamatory proclamations, rumour-mongering and canard spreading tactics deliberately leveled upon me is entirely vague, false and doctored with the intention to cause a stigma in my future life at AMU.
That’s why it is highly requested to direct the concerned authorities to complete the formalities of the re-evaluation of Ph.D. Course Work, Paper 1st from an INTERNAL EXAMINER with circulating reasoned and speaking order and communicate the same to the petitioner within 72 hours with the receipt of this Memorandum/Petition; otherwise I have no alternative but to adopt other democratic tools for protest and lodge a long-lasting agitation against the unilateral, unconstitutional, irrational act of the administration in order to demolish the entire future endeavor of a Research Scholar.
Thanking you in anticipation
With Regards,
Ph.D. Researcher (Mass Communication)
51-Jubilee Hostel
V.M. Hall, Aligarh Muslim University
Contact No.: +91-9759611226

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