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Dept of Mathematics, AMU to organize International Conference

ALIGARH December 13: The Department of Mathematics, Aligarh Muslim University is going to organize ‘International Conference on Algebra and its Applications’ on December 15 under a University Grants Commission – DRS programme.

Illustrious Mathematician and Professor, Patrick W Keef of the Whiteman College Walla, Washington, USA will attend the conference as the Chief Guest, while AMU Pro-Vice Chancellor, Brigadier S Ahmad Ali (retd) and Prof Vasudevan Srinivas of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai will be the Guests of Honor in the event. The conference will be presided over by Director General, School of Good Governance and Policy Analysis, Prof H P Dikhsit.

Inauguration of the Programme will be held on December 15 at 9: 30 am at the New Conference Room, Department of Mathematics.

Prof Asma Ali, Department of Mathematics, AMU will be the convener of the programme which will be coordinated by Prof Mursaleen. The Chairman, Department of Mathematics, AMU, Prof Zafar Ahsan will also deliver a note during the event.

Prof Asma said that academics, mathematicians, scientists and scholars from all over the country would attend the conference.

The conference will have lectures on various topics of Algebra including Semi-groups, Groups and their representations, Theory of Rings and Modules, Commutative and Non-Commutative Algebras, Lattices and other related structures, Category Theory, Galois Theory and their Applications, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Algebric Geometry and Coding Theory.

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